2018 top 4 insights by Taival

What a year 2018 has been! With all the talks about AI, machine learning, digital revolutions and data it’s a challenge to sum everything up. To start this year fresh and with relevant ideas we prepared a list of 4 insights from Taival. Enjoy!

1. Organizational culture is the foundation for Digital transformation

The power of digital culture is almost always underestimated. Because it is not tangible, it is emotional and it is about what we feel, breathe and believe in. Read more…

The only way to make the digital transformation is to change the culture.

2. Sustainability transformation – are you ready for the change?

Sustainability has been a major topic for discussion for years. Then in 2018 it took a turn in the direction of circular economy and businesses’ contribution. However to set on the path of the sustainability is more than just cuts and optimization – it requires us to rethink the business model. Read more…

To change a company’s direction to be truly sustainable requires that the business model is designed from a new basis.

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3. How to transform waste-treatment centers into platforms for open innovation?

When sustainability and innovation come together new exciting ideas emerge. Take a look at an example of such an idea by Circhubs where they introduce challenge-driven innovation process and create open innovation centers from waste-treatment centers. Read more…

Planning of experiments requires the formulation of hypotheses to be tested through the experiments carefully.

4. Will you go to jail if you serve your customers better?

Introducing our video series of Taival ideas, take a look at our entry about GDPR, data and privacy from our CEO Michael Hanf.

Look forward for more insights from Taival and our experts in 2019. Make sure not to miss any by subscribing to our LinkedIn and Twitter! We wish you and your company a successful 2019!

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