It’s time to look back … and ahead!

The year 2017 is coming to a close. And what a year it has been!

In January I left Accenture, my employer of choice for 16 years that I enjoyed working for. In these 16 years I had the chance to work with great people in exciting projects across geographies and industries. It gave me an incredible breadth and depth of experience from App development and infrastructure to business and technology strategy. Thank you, Accenture.

And then it was time to move on. In March we started Taival Advisory and never looked back. Since then we have worked for more than 20 fantastic clients, did build an ecosystem of innovative, leading edge partners and expanded our operations from our home base in Finland to Germany and UK. A great journey (or Taival) that supports our strong believe that there is a need to re-invent Advisory services to serve companies of all sizes and across all industries and geographies.

So, what is Taival? What do we do? Let me give you the elevator pitch.

Taival is an ecosystem based next generation Advisory company. We bring together best capabilities and expertise in projects that we facilitate and deliver for our clients. We do all of this in an agile, result driven way to enable rapid experimentation, verification and value delivery. Finally, we provide expertise, we believe that we can best serve our clients by providing the best knowledge that’s out there independent if it comes from a partner, client or even competitor. Our focus is in four areas (1) Disruptive change – helping our clients understand and experiment with latest technology & business trends, (2) Change leadership – drive sustainable change together with our clients to deliver tangible value, (3) Growth Acceleration – work with growth companies to enable their growth story and (4) Digital Sustainability – Co-create sustainable business and operating model enabled by digital capabilities together with public and private partners. This is it in short, if you want to know more, please head over to

Ok, that was 2017, what’s next?

We just got started. With the help of our wonderful clients and ecosystem partners we will further deliver change and help companies in becoming leaders in their field. Disruption is all around us and it takes a new approach and thinking to turn it into value and competitive advantages.

  • After establishing our office in Germany we are currently exploring Singapore, UK and the US as next destinations. Stay tuned!
  • We have recently brought on board a Digital Sustainability lead to enable us to help our clients in leveraging the promise of digital (e.g. AI, big data, Blockchain) to develop sustainable business models and operations for the good of our world and every person.
  • We will continue our push to bringing AI into business trough concrete, hands-on exploration and experimentation. AI Monday will continue as a monthly event organized by Taival together with EIT Digital and Tekniikka&Talous. Currently we are looking to bring in new partners to expand and strengthen the impact and value we are creating.
  • And last but surely not least we will be looking to further grow our Taival core team. Starting with four co-founders at the beginning of the year, we are today 8 people at the core extended with a wide group of freelancers, start-ups and corporate partners that we work with on a daily basis.

I am thankful for the things that we accomplished together in 2017. For the help, the encouragement and the inspiring conversations. Thank you! Thanks for helping us shape something new, for helping make our dreams come true and for allowing us to work with you to co-create value for your companies, customers and employees!

All that’s left is wishing you a festive holiday season and a fabulous start into the new year 2018!

Looking forward to shape the future with you in 2018 and beyond!

Cheers, Michael

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