The results are in – What are the most pressing topics your company is facing today?

We asked the visitors of our webpage in a pulse survey to provide their view on the most pressing topics their companies are facing. The results are in – thank you to all who responded!

Shortage of talent…

From the responses, we see that companies today see the shortage of scarce capabilities as a major risk for their future operations and growth. This does not come as a surprise when we consider the “war for talent” that has been going on for some time. The fight for the right resources will only intensify which is why it will be critical to expand a company’s talent, capability and knowledge base beyond the corporate walls. As we outlined in earlier articles, utilizing the power of the crowd as well as ecosystems in shaping the workforce of the future will be critical in addressing this key challenge.

…Digitization and innovation…

A clear second remains digitization closely followed by innovation. While the discussion around these topics has been going on for some time many companies still have not found their path towards a value centric approach to digitization and innovation that would deliver top and bottom line impact. We have discussed in earlier articles the role of innovation and disruptive changes such as Digital on companies and the need for the leadership to utilize the right tools in addressing well defined problem areas in a clear order of priority.

…and no lack of disruption!

Overall it was not surprising to see no respondents state that their companies are not facing disruptive change in one form or another that requires decisive actions to address and mitigate. While there is no “one size fits all” approach, there are proven and tested models and tools that can help in understanding, defining, addressing and overcoming these changes. In many cases the disruptive change that can derail companies can also present significant opportunity to enhance or build competitive differentiators and advantages.

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