Taival 2017 Thought Leadership Hit List

Throughout the year we have been publishing multiple articles on different topics that outline some of the things we’ve been talking about and which we’ve been working on with our clients.

Here a list of the most popular articles:

  1. Value Chain is Dead – Long Live the Value Chain!

Porter is outdated, at least when it comes to modelling the value creation of modern, ecosystem based organizations. There is a need for new approaches!

  1. Business model innovations you’ve never heard of

Rethinking the business model has been a trend for a few years. Let’s investigate some examples that represent new thinking in operating a business.

  1. Thank you for kickstarting our ecosystem!

We started the beginning of our Journey by kick-starting the Taival ecosystem with an evening of inspiring and engaging presentations and discussions.

  1. Don’t buy artificial intelligence – it doesn’t exist (yet)!

Despite the hype and talk about the singularity, we still lack basic features in AI, before it can be considered a rival to human capabilities.

  1. Leveraging artificial intelligence in management decision making – time to get interested?

Artificial intelligence is here! While it is expected to disrupt all aspects of work it is seldomly used in the decision making process of companies.

  1. Building a successful Open Innovation ecosystem

How do you use an external network to drive disruptive innovation? Here are some notes that will help you tap into the power of the Open Innovation Network.

  1. Intrapreneurship – Driving growth, innovation and change

Leveraging internal and external sources of true innovation are key to developing traditional companies into successful players in the “Game of Digital”


These and other articles can be found in the Latest Insights section of taival.com.

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