Taival – 10 milestones from our journey so far

Taival Advisory (Taival = journey, quest in Finnish) started its journey in spring 2017, and even before the one year mark we’ve been able to achieve great results! Our vision to disrupt and transform the professional services market with agile development methods, a strong partner ecosystem and a team of passionate experts seems to resonate extremely well with clients and partners alike.

Here’s my pick for the best things of 2017 for Taival:

  1. The best team – Both the other founding members (Jouni, Michael, Petri M) and the rest who have joined along the way (Petri K, Ira, Juri) are people I seem to learn from in every conversation, while having a lot of fun and feeling appreciated. A true dream team!
  2. Anchor clients – We have had the privilege to work with amazing clients from both ends of the size spectrum who trust us with their strategy and other critical problems, and are not afraid of challenging their world view. Thank you, looking forward to next year(s) with you!
  3. Office with connections – EIT Digital in Otaniemi has provided us a roof, meeting rooms and (a lot of) flip board paper, but also international connections, cooperation with Aalto students and a platform for AI Monday. Also, easy access to the new metro service doesn’t hurt.
  4. Projects that will make a difference – We work with our clients to make a lasting change in the very core of their operations and in the way they serve their customers. This work has included strategy development, operating models, business model assessments and digital architecture, just to name a few topics.
  5. Focus on essentials – We formulated our value proposition to concentrate on four things: Innovative operating models, Culture & organization change, Sustainable process & technology improvement and Artificial Intelligence.
  6. Geo-extending our reach – Taival has set up an office in Berlin, Germany and we are planning to extend even further in 2018, with discussions ongoing in Singapore, London and New York.
  7. Getting more sustainable – Our vision that digitalisation needs to be balanced with sustainable development was realized by getting Ira to join our ranks as the head of digital sustainability services.
  8. AI Mondays – Together with Tekniikka&Talous and EIT Digital we launched a successful monthly event focusing on the business side of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  9. Active ecosystem – We delivered on our objective of activating a real ecosystem with lead sharing, joint projects and cooperation in insight development. Looking forward to continuing the momentum next year!
  10. Delightful December – Last month was our best month by a long shot, with record revenue and sales and full order books. It was a magnificent end to a very successful 2017.

+ We’ve gotten a lot of inquiries on how to get to work with and for Taival! If you have high energy for driving results and your heart beats for topics listed in #5 above, give us a call!

All in all, I feel humbled and amazed at all the great developments during the year, though I have no doubt 2018 will be even better. Thank you for reading and being part of our great Taival!

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