Our Offering

We deliver the next generation of business, strategy and technology advisory services

Disruptive Strategy

Companies today face many disruptive changes such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, digitisation.

Taival together with our ecosystem can help understand these disruptive trends, evaluate opportunities and threats as well as identify their impact on your business.

As a result we can help you define and revise your business / operating model and strategy as well as the underlying technology architecture. Further, we can leverage our wide ecosystem to drive rapid action through experimentation and prototyping.


As customer demands are changing and markets are seeing an unprecedented pace of new, disruptive market entrants, innovation has become the currency of success in today’s world.

We at Taival together with our ecosystem help our clients in defining their innovation objectives and in identifying, establishing and executing targeted actions to reach these objectives. As such firmly establishing a new or refined innovation capability at the heart of our clients business and operating model.

Startup Advisory

Our start-up advisory service is two-fold, on one hand we help start-ups with expertise and competencies to accelerate their development and growth.

On the other hand we support companies in defining and managing lean models that enable them to successfully cooperate with start-ups to develop mutual value.

Our aim is to bring together the best of the two worlds to provide true win-win-situations that provide a top and / or bottom line impact for all stakeholders involved.


While there is a lot of talk about ecosystems, there is no “one size fits all” approach to building and orchestrating a successful ecosystem that would create true value for all ecosystem members.

Taival can provide both the strategy and business expertise to define a relevant ecosystem as well as the operational experience and the network to create and orchestrate a highly successful ecosystem.

We can support you either as SMEs in the process or take a leading role in establishing and running your ecosystem.


“Change is good, transformation is better.” We help clients in defining and delivering ambitious transformation initiatives to address and shape the change that is impacting businesses today.

The Taival team combines a long experience of delivering both IT as well as Business Transformation initiatives in e.g. M&A, Digital transformation, restructuring and cultural transformation.

Together with our ecosystem we can either provide a full transformation program or program management and SME roles.