Main takeaways from the Nordic Business Forum 2018

Last week in Helsinki thousands of people flew to visit one of the biggest business events of the year – Nordic Business Forum. If you have missed your opportunity to be in Messukeskus that day AND you missed the live-stream then you can take a look at Taival Advisory’s takeaways of the forum.

Our Senior Advisor Kimmo Kanerva’s takeaways:first AI psychologist presentation

  • Steven Kotler’s presentation of the first AI psychologist, which makes 80% better diagnoses than humans
  • Responsibility to empower our daughters to take space, show their strengths and express ideas

And a few questions triggered by the discussion of Barack Obama:

How do we adjust our social, technological, cultural, political arrangements?
How do we organise ourselves?
How to funnel political energy looking forward and not
backwards and building walls?


Our CTO Reko Lehti’s takeaways:NBF2018, purpose, business

  • The key reason any company exists are the (internal) transaction costs when creating products and services – with Blockchain those transaction costs can be minimized, which may result in many companies dissolving (talk by Don Tapscott)
  • Valuation method of a company and its assets depends strongly on it’s life-cycle stage – younger companies are valued more according to their story, whereas more mature ones are valued by their financial performance (talk by Aswath Damodaran)
  • Companies should focus on purpose maximization rather than profit maximization – it matters how you make money, so you need to make tough ethical choices and build win-win strategies (talk by John Mackey)


Our CEO Michael Hanf’s takeaways:

  • People are looking for meaning. They don’t care what company they work for but rather if the work they do is fulfilling and meaningful. Short – if they love their work. This and 8 other lies. (Markus Buckingham)
  • Business model will fundamentally change, driven by blockchain and other digital enablers as the foundation and meaning of traditional companies disappears. (Don Tapscott)
  • We all LIKE change! We just don’t like if it is pushed on us and if we are directed to change. If you want true change you need to show and share the meaning and vision of where you are going and take people with you. (Gary Hamel)

Stay tuned on NBF YouTube channel for the videos of the talks mentioned above. Or take a look at our website to find insights on AI Business strategy.

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