Malaga AI Hackathon: Unveiling the power of AI

From 30th of September to 1st of October

Don’t miss your chance! Develop AI solutions to your business problems with the bright minds from Malaga, Granada and Sevilla Universities!

What you get

– Create business value from AI with concrete use cases
– Work together with your future workforce
– Learn how to transform your company to use AI effectively
AI Themed Hackathon with
hand picked teams
Visiting local companies in
the Silicon Valley of Spain
AI Strategy sparring and learning
with global experts.
AI-Monday: AI and data utilization
themed evening event

The Value Promise

  • 2-3 student teams working on your problem
  • Training on AI and how to implement the solutions
  • Possibilities for market entry through local company meetings
  • Located in the Spanish Silicon Valley with more than 600 companies
  • Area with excess of trained, motivated resources – ideal for off-shore teams
  • Produced together with the best local universities: Malaga, Granada and Cordoba
  • First AI Monday  in Spain held on the evening of the first day
  • AI futurists and business experts available to answer your questions
  • Networking and evening event to spar ideas with your peers

Commercial arrangements:

Full participation: 4000€ / company

Light participation: 1000€ / company

Full participation grants you 2-3 teams in the hackathon, full access to tailored company meetings and presentations, including AI Monday.

Light participation grants you access to the venue and participation to the company meetings and AI Monday, but without your personal team in the hackathon.

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Don’t miss your opportunity!

What is AI Monday?

AI Monday Berlin
AI Monday is a monthly networking event for those who are interested in AI. The aim is to share AI-knowledge and encourage organisations to initiate their change journeys.
What? Networking, two crisp presentations, one AI-demo.
To whom? AI curious people, change leaders, businesses with passion for data and disruption.
Where? Helsinki, Berlin, Frankfurt. Munich, Stuttgart, Singapore and now Spain
When? Check the respective country pages for the future events
For me? Contacts, knowledge, change tools, ideas.
More info: AI-Monday Finland, AI Monday Germany