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Excited and enthusiastic chatter filled the Open Innovation House in Espoo on the 30th of March, when more than 100 people came together to celebrate the opening of Taival Advisory. During the 3 hour event, the participants networked energetically, listened to short talks on business model disruption, continuous change and ecosystems by startups and ate brilliant food prepared by Restaurant Loop.

Success on many levels

The event was a success on many levels. Based on the feedback survey results, the participants were 80% likely to recommend joining our ecosystem, and 75% of the respondents left their contact details to reserve a spot to the next event. Also, the participants walked out growing their own contact network by at least a few people.

Networking and co-operation were also in the mind of Matti Vesterinen, the CEO of SC5, who reminded that nowadays any expert can have superpowers – even small companies can do big things in the market, if they partner and bring their own expertise to the equation. “Partnerships and ecosystems are the best way of doing business.”

The editor in chief of Tekniikka and Talous, Jyrki Alkio, said during one of the breaks: “the greatest thing [about this event] was the continuous and energetic discussion in the crowd during the breaks… It is a rare thing in Finland and …gives birth to new interesting connections and exciting things”.

Talking about disruption, change and ecosystems

Mr. Alkio was also one of the guest speakers of the event, discussing about the challenges of traditional media in the new operating environment. He especially expressed concern for the online media dependence on advertisement revenue and how that is driving a vicious circle of less money, less relevant content in the industry.

In the other presentations, we heard Ulla Koivula from Moi talk about the digital mobile operators approach to reaching customers. There was also a thought provoking talk from Timo Haanpää, the COO of Curious AI, where he discussed the potential of artificial intelligence and it’s considerable effects on the future of work. Other speakers included Marko Turpeinen, the head of EIT Finland, Anne Pakari from Nokia Open Ecosystem and Risto Innanen from 3XO. Their talks all had a variant of a theme of ecosystems; Marko provided a view of the Silicon Valley situation compared to e.g. Helsinki, where as Anne and Risto discussed their own experiences in building successful ecosystem models in their companies.

Taival ahead

The representatives of Taival gave their own views on the future of consulting industry, the age of digitalization and the need for new operating models. Jouni Hakanen, shared the latest trends on how the digital expert and consulting services market is changing towards a gig economy, whereas Reko Leht
i argued that digitalization as a term leads companies astray – because the change we see is so much more than mere technological development. Fitting to the theme, Michael Hanf finished the presentation by reminding the attentive audience of a memorable quote: “Change will never be as slow as it is today”.

Ecosystems and changing business models are indeed very relevant in today’s economy, as evidenced by the final questions of our survey. Over 80 % of the respondents felt the ecosystem models are relevant for their operations while over 70 % felt their industry is going to change fundamentally due to the digitally-fueled change. Very few companies however have the capacity to analyze and make strategic plans for utilizing their ecosystem to endure the coming changes – And this is the area where Taival intends to make their mark.

Thank you for taking the first steps with us – we believe firmly there are many more to be taken together!

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